Published May 28, 2020


– Reykjavík in 35mm film –

I’m finally back in Reykjavík. I really love this city. I lived here for two years before moving to Berlin and I come here in the summers to work at the municipality. Everyone is obsessed with ice cream and swimming pools and everyone knows each other (or at least someone who knows someone who knows that person). Reykjavík summers are super grey and windy and rainy which goes really well with my mood, and I don’t even mean that in a depressing way (more like a cozy melancholy way). The sun comes out maybe one day a week and when that happens everyone flocks to the streets wearing t-shirts even though it might only be 10 degrees and kind of windy. I feel like a different person when I’m here vs. Berlin. I do like Berlin, but the big city life makes me really anxious and I feel like I have to pretend to be really cool all the time around my friends there. I’m a bit lighter on my feet and more myself when I’m here.

This is where I’m gonna finish my EP, and potentially my album. I made a temporary studio setup in the apartment I’m renting, I can’t play the music loud or mix or anything but I can finish writing and arranging. I’m looking into renting an actual studio space to finish vocal recording and mixing when I start working and get some money coming in.

I realised I haven’t talked much about my album project on this blog yet.

Focusing all your energy on releasing an album is kind of stupid nowadays when you are starting your music career. But what can I say, I’m just so obsessed with the concept of an album. I still put on CDs, listen to them in order the entire way through and talk about my “favorite albums” by artists and not favorite songs.

So I’ve been writing a loooot of music over the past years. Without any particular direction, I would write a song or revisit and rewrite an old song whenever I felt like it. One day I sat down and went through all my music. I deleted everything that I didn’t care about or didn’t think would go anywhere, and ended up realising I had around 70 nearly finished songs. All with different musical directions and production values, written and produced over a period of the last 5 years.

Then I started sorting these tracks into “albums” and everything started to make sense. I had a nearly finished 12 track synth pop album that made strangely much sense as a whole piece. I also had a more beat orientated group of songs ready to form an album, and a guitar heavy indie rock album forming after that. At that moment I decided to stop flailing around blindly making new stuff that didn’t go anywhere, and finish these songs that I really cared about on a set timeframe. I would allow myself to rewrite and paint over these songs as much as I wanted to satisfy my creativity, but the root idea behind these songs and albums had to remain. I’m giving myself three years to finish this project, one album each year.

MY REPTILIAN BRAIN is the name of the synth pop album that will be the first of these and I aim to release it around September. Due to corona and my current (lack of) production budget I’m making it into a more lo fi piece and not putting as much pressure of everything being perfect as I used to. Instead, I’m making sure to cram it full of personality, meaningful lyrics and surprising and interesting soundscapes and arrangements.

So yea probably no one will care about a full 12 track album release from an unknown artist, so my mission now is to put myself out there and try to make myself a little bit known before I drop the album in September. I’m gonna release a few singles with music video events and then an EP called A SERIES OF CLOSE CALLS that will serve as a teaser for the album. It feels pretty nice to have a solid plan in place and I feel more purposeful in my music creation than I have in years.