Published May 18, 2020


Hi guys whats up! I’m still in the countryside, decided to stay a bit longer than the two mandatory weeks before moving to Reykjavík. My EP is going pretty well but I keep changing my mind about which songs will go on it. Basically I have a pool of 20 songs for this “album” that I hope will be out by the end of the year, and I want to choose maybe 6 songs where about 3 of them will go on to reappear on the album and 3 will only be on this EP. I don’t really want my album to be more than 11-12 tracks so this is a way to tease the album while getting some extra stuff out.

In other news, I finally released my first song under my own name!!!!!!! It was a few days ago on my birthday. I’ve been way to fucking scared to put myself out there and I was starting to feel like it was now or never. So the time was right I think. I chose a track called Heartbreakers cause it’s kind of nice and has some naive, kind of poetic lyrics and melancholic vibes. I think it’s a good first impression of me, although it’s a bit different from the rest of my music. The lyrics are about the fragility of relationships and being anxious about someone breaking up with you. I actually wrote it back in 2018 when I was with my ex girlfriend who broke up with me about 3 months later which means I probably jinxed it?

Toni and I shot a “quarantine music video” for the song release. I love love love music videos. I think it’s a pretty cool video and we used what we had, which was a) camera b)beAuTifUL icELandiC NaTuReeEEe c) me. I’m acting like a total sad boy singing into an unplugged microphone and burning and burying actual polaroids of my ex lol. And we capped it off with a cool glitchy RGB effect. It was super fun to make. But I think we were both left with the kind of empty feeling that we could do a bit better. We were really happy with how it looked but we didn’t really feel the video had anything to “say” or add to the song, it was just kind of a pretty aesthetic visual. But what I really want is to develop a strong visual/filmmaking aesthetic so people will relate it instantly to my music. I think my model for this is the artist Joji who always has super interesting music videos coming out that have such an absurd yet depressing aesthetic that fits perfectly with his music. But Joji was a huge YouTube star with filmmaking experience before he became a musician, so I wasn’t expecting myself to reach that level on my first try. Just something to aim for.

Overall I got a really nice reaction to Heartbreakers and now I’m super pumped about doing another release soon. I feel like this is the starting point for my actual music career and now I just have to keep grinding until I’m where I want to be.