Published May 5, 2020


I’m writing this from my parents’ country house in Iceland where I’m quarantining with my girlfriend Toni. There is a mandatory two week quarantine period when you come into the country and we are on the second week now. Getting back here from Berlin was kind of a logistical nightmare and we didn’t leave Berlin in our best moments but now we are doing pretty good, can’t complain. I was kind of going into hypochondriac mode in Berlin and worrying a lot about my parents and grandfather, but in Iceland the mood is a lot more chill, we have this relatively under control here and I’ve been a lot calmer since coming here. I guess everything has been said before, but it’s so absurd to me that the world is having this collective scary experience together right now and everyone is kind of in the same boat (although it will of course affect everyone to different degrees). 2020 is weird.

At first I thought moving back here would totally kill my EP project. I had to leave everything large behind in Berlin, my guitar, amp, monitors and all my mic stands and everything. I had envisioned using a lot of guitar on the EP and was determined to mix it properly which would require actual monitors instead of only headphones. So I just got kinda grumpy about it and didn’t make any music for a week. But then something clicked in my head and now I’m working around 12 hours a day on my music (not like I have anything better to do hehe). I just figured this virus is affecting everyone in the world right now and if it’s gonna change the sound and the expectations I have for my EP a little bit that’s absolutely small potatoes and nothing to complain about.

Now I’m sort of working in a more lo fi way than before. I know my mixes aren’t gonna be great cause I only have headphones, so I’m making them intentionally a little bit shittier than they could be and drowning stuff in different types of saturation and modulation. Since I can’t really hear the low end very clearly I’m just filtering out most everything in the sub area and making the lows kinda fuzzy and muddy on purpose, listening every once in a while on my JBL blutooth speaker to hear if its out of control. My vocal recordings sound horrible since my “studio” room is super resonant so I’m layering a bunch of them together and making huge eq decisions and using a lot of high cuts. It’s kind of fun working like this honestly cause I feel a lot more free, like I’m caring more about the song and songwriting than everything being pristine. It’s so easy to totally lose the big picture of the SONG when you are eq-ing a snare for hours and hours and I feel like right now I’m getting back some of the fun and passion for these songs that I kind of lost over the past year. It’s nice. Fuck corona though.