Published March 17, 2020


Hi! I’m Bjarni. Welcome to my development blog. I will be mostly talking about my music, my upcoming EP and the writing and recording process but also a little bit about my life and whatever so you can get to know me better :):):)

So here’s some stuff about me: I was born in a small harbour town called Akureyri in the north of Iceland in 1994. The town is super pretty and picturesque and surrounded by mountains and all that. It’s a huge cliche that Icelandic artists always get asked if their art is inspired by the beautiful majestic Icelandic nature so I wanted to address that right away. Sure I’m inspired by that stuff. But I’m also inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, toxic masculinity culture and my ex trampling all over my heart. I’m layered like an onion/cake/ogre.

I was kind of a consumer child, always reading and watching movies and all that, but my favourite hobby was absolutely music. Thanks to my way older siblings I fell in love with stuff like Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Tom Waits and Pavement around the age of 10 or so. I think I just really liked when people thought I was an “old soul” or whatever so I pretended to like grown up music until I actually started liking it and it ended up totally shaping my life.

I was a kind of nerdy kid who played the french horn. Then I got allergic to my french horn (which is next level nerdy) and instead taught myself to play guitar and piano and thats when I started writing a lot of horrible songs that got progressively better until they became kind of okay songs. By the time I was in MENNTASKÓLI (high school?) my mind was mostly occupied with music. I was playing in a Two Door Cinema Club style indie band and making shitty hip hop demos on my FL Studio. I ended up failing German (which is super great cause I live in Berlin now and still don’t speak German) but also coming out of high school with a purpose and a clear path that I still am on today.

I moved to Denmark, studied music, developed a very serious depression, moved to Reykjavík, played some music but mostly got caught up in an extremely dramatic situation for a few years that I won’t talk about here, moved to Berlin, got kinda fucked up partly due to the party/clubbing scene which made me even more depressed, then started getting a lot better and now I’m mostly fine and finally finishing what will become an EP release and hopefully my debut LP by the end of the year. Yessshhh.

One of the best moments of my life was when I was 18 and my indie high school band made it to the finals of the yearly Icelandic battle of the bands competition Músíktilraunir. I thought we had no chance after our performance in the preliminaries which we didn’t feel went all that well. When the announcer called out my band’s name (“For Colourblind People” which idk who came up with that name) I just remember getting this insane dopamine rush. And everything after that, just sharing that moment of happiness with my four best friends at the time and getting to play in the finals being broadcast on the national radio and TV was so god damn amazing. Everything is more intense when you are a teenager, but I’m still sort of chasing that feeling when I make and perform music today and I’ve come pretty damn close to it a few times. Hopefully, later this year when I’m physically holding my debut album in my hands on vinyl I will check in with you guys and let you know if managed to top it.